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PyDetex is a Python application that transforms LaTeX code to plain text. It has multiple language support (15+), detects repeated words, offers a dictionary (synonyms, antonyms, definitions), and many things more to come!

Comprehensive documentation for the latest version (if you plan to use the API) is available at

Install Instructions

PyDetex can be installed via pip, for both MacOS, Windows & Linux. Simply run:

$> python3 pip install --upgrade pydetex

Also, there’re compiled binaries for Windows (x64) and macOS available through GitHub releases.

Launch the GUI, or use the library

Simply run this command anywhere to execute the application, or just import pydetex and play.

$> python3 -m pydetex.gui

(Simple Pipeline) Tadada… !!! A simple GUI to process your LaTex, and paste into Grammarly? \(^o^)/

(Strict Pipeline) The strict pipeline removes all commands, or replaces by some known tags.

Multiple options to configure: Check repeated words, highlight undetected code, or use different pipelines.


Currently, many things must be improved:

  • Learn def and replace properly

  • Support for environments, such as figure, table, etc..


Pablo Pizarro R. | 2021


Although PyDetex is intended to be used through its GUI, the module contains several practical methods to detect LaTex commands, environments, equations, among others. The GUI only uses the pipelines to transform the tex code to plain text. On the other hand, the pipelines use parsers.

You can check for the parsers, pipelines, and util’s methods to create your pipelines in the left menu!

About PyDetex

This project does not have a mailing list and so the issues tab should be the first point of contact if wishing to discuss the project. If you have questions that you do not feel are relevant to the issues tab or just want to let me know what you think about the library, feel free to email me at

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